I choose Happiness.

I’d like to get caught up in the web of pointing fingers and saying it’s all your fault. Maybe it’s mine, maybe it’s not. I have lost myself a bit in this confusion and I want to stay clear in the fact that there are parts of me that are non-negotiable. Happiness is one of them. 

I will not lose myself in misery, complacency, or mediocrity. I will not lose myself in sadness, heartache, or blame. I will not lose myself, because I have spent a lot of time and money finding exactly who I want to be. I am right here, I have always been here. 

I am messy, complicated, opinionated, hard to please, reckless, and perhaps a little bit insane. But I am also full of light, love, grace and know that I have a love worth fighting for. 


I’lll put on my boxing gloves if you put on yours.


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