We are not supposed to feed the fears. That’s what they say. 

The say it because fear has the power to wrap you up in it’s embrace and promise you that you’ll never get hurt if you just don’t do what it is that you really want to do.

Fear says to us, “Stay close to me love. Don’t venture over there, if you do you’ll get hurt. There are monsters over there. Big, scary Monsters. Life-ruining monsters. Soul-eating monsters. Failure, Bankruptcy, Eviction, Loneliness. Don’t go over there. Why would you dare go over there, when I have you exactly where I want you?! Safe! Protected! BORED!”

Fear says, “Why bother trying harder? You’re just going to fail. Why bother doing anything different? All that will happen is complete and total misery. You’re going to die alone and broke either way, so why go after what you really love?” 

I have been living in fear. I can taste it, I can sense it everywhere. I’m afraid of everything right now and not trusting that the universe has my back at all. 

But I am ready to stop with all this fear nonsense. I believe that I am ready for great things, that my heart is open, and my body and mind are willing and ready to cooperate with all the good things that lay ahead for me. It’s time to stop giving the fear of failure all the power in my life and start trusting in the abundance of goodness in the world. 

I am ready. 


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