I don’t know if I have ever kept up a good habit for as long as I’ve kept up with this one. I truly hope it sticks. I don’t think anyone is reading this and I don’t really care either. I’m just glad to be writing. Tonight I went out to see two of my favorite writers tell stories at a storytelling event. It was an out of the ordinary evening for me and I was very glad to be there. I love doing different things, only I don’t do them that often. Anytime I get the chance to do something out of my usual routine of work and meetings, I feel blessed. But when that something out of the ordinary inspires me, then I feel unusually blessed. 

I’m inspired tonight but I am also tired. I need to start taking better care of my physical self, as well as my emotional self. I get wound up pretty tight these days and things don’t roll off me as easily as they used to. I’m overwhelmed and feel less in control of my emotions than I have in a long time. Writing is supposed to help. I’m not sure if it does.

Maybe I’ll have more to say tomorrow.


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