I’ve been seeing these challenges popping up all over social media, from #100daysofhappy to #365daysofcreativity. Some I have participated in, others I have admired from afar. This #30daysofwriting challenged popped up in my feed and I have decided to hop on board.

I am not following the rules today, because there is no way I was getting up any earlier than I did this morning. AM trips are hard on my spiritual life, creative life, and my social life. Basically, they are hard on all areas of life except work, which is something that I am starting to notice and brings me a shit load of anxiety. I love my AM trips, but I want to have a healthy and happy life and I worry that AM’s might be keeping me from that. After tomorrow, all my report times this month are fairly reasonable, so I am hoping that I can stick with this challenge and get myself out of the creative rut that I’ve been in for a while.

I shouldn’t say that I’ve been in a rut, because I’m looking at the world through the lens of a camera these days instead of writing about it. Words have taken the back burner to photos this year and I’m not sure what that means, but I miss the feeling of writing everyday and want to get back in the practice of doing it. I keep searching for the perfect light for my photos, but I am also forever writing sentences on paper napkins and books and random pieces of paper. This alone tells me that I was born to write. I just forget sometimes. So, for my sanity and for my creativity, here I am.


Join me. Let’s write ourselves alive!


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