Hello, hello!

Oh how I love new beginnings, new adventures. Maybe this is why I love New Year’s Day so much. It’s the perfect opportunity to start over, hit the reset button, and say hello to a fresh start. I love mornings, I love new months, I love new seasons, and I really, really love THIS new year.

2012 was a learning year, a growing year. Biggest year of learning yet. I learned that I am capable of traveling across foreign lands in smelly busses and that not only am I capable of this, I actually really, REALLY LOVE It. I learned that I can travel to foreign countries by myself, but that I shouldn’t go for TOO long. I learned how to surf. I learned that I am capable of riding my bike all over the city of Chicago, but that I am never to leave home without my helmet. I learned that no amount of travel will fulfill me if I am not fulfilled right here at home. I learned that you can’t convince someone that they should love you the way that you love them and I also learned that life is too short to spend my time trying to do just that. I learned that I have a lot of work to do on myself, but there are so many amazing things and people out that are worth working hard for, myself being the most amazing prize of them all. I learned that loving myself is just as important as loving other people, but finding the right balance between loving myself and loving others will be harder than anything else I’ve done yet, including standing on a surfboard or giving up cigarettes (40 days today, btw!). I’ve not only learned to tolerate running, I’ve learned to look forward to it, to crave it. I’ve learned the importance of prayer, the beauty of silence and meditation, the freedom of a clean house, and that when all else fails, there is real therapeutic abundance that comes with scrubbing my floors. 

If I carry those last few lessons with me into the new year, I think I”ll be Okay. Living a beautiful, healthy life is what this year is about for me. It’s not about new year’s resolutions, stamps on my passport, losing 15 lbs, or finding a man and falling in love. It’s about continuing to make my life a beautiful work of art. It’s about knowing that sometimes I might make mistakes and pick the wrong color and it’s about finding a way to see beauty in the flaws. It’s about a more simple way of living, wIth fewer ups and downs and hopefully less bruises. No matter what happens, it’s gonna be beautiful, because I have faith and I have YOU.

Let’s make beautiful art together this year. It will be fun!


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