Sometimes, you just have to write.

Last year at this time, I was pretty much convinced that 2012 was gonna be the best year of my life. In many ways, it has been insurmountable. I have been to so many amazing places, stood at the top of so many amazing view points and seen the world from so many new perspectives. Outside the window of many, many trains and so many airplanes. From the tallest tower at  Angkor Wat, to the Southern tip of Europe, behind the handlebars of my little bicycle riding next to the Great Lake Michigan in the middle of the night, and finally through the eyes of my precious nephew. Sometimes I forget that God wants us to be forever filled with awe, just like children are. My friend, Michele, says that her friend calls her three year old son, her sponsor. I think that is perfect. Who better to get a better idea of how to live your life from than a three year old? Children are like the perfect sponges. They soak up what’s good and let go of what weighs them down. Unless you’re my two year old nephew, who can’t seem to grasp that he’d move a lot quicker if he’d choose between carrying his toy hammer or his favorite paint brush or better yet, if he left than both behind. But, that’s another story for another day.

What about me? What things should I let go of? What things can I let go of that are standing in my way of helping someone else? This is what sits in the front of my mind as I prepare for bed on this cold, winter night in Chicago. It’s been a good day and I feel very Okay with where I am right now. I’ve got a beautiful warm apartment and sweet little cat to keep my company while I sleep tonight. But, I keep learning so much new stuff about myself, so it’s hard not to want to get all this out before I lay down for bed. Today, I learned that I shouldn’t even attempt to run outside when it’s less than 50 degrees out. But, I should always try and get on my bike. Even if it’s just for a little trip around the hood. Biking in the cold is good for the soul, just like music. I also learned that my half-pigeon is getting less painful and so is my downward dog, but I’m still not any good at remembering to breathe my way through discomfort. I’m also not very good at drinking water, which is silly, because I love water.

This post seems like it’s kind of all over the place, but I’m tired and I should go to bed (First, I’m going to drink some water.), so I’m not even going to bother with editing it.

Have a blessed evening. Keep your head up, Keep your heart strong. And Breathe!




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