Leaving Lagos, Loving Lisbon

Leaving Lagos I felt sick to my stomach when I thought about the amount of fear that controlled my actions during my week there. Every moment was one when I was acting like the person I was 18 months ago and not the confident woman of God that I believe that I have become. Fortunately, all the fear and sickness disappeared as my bus rolled into Lisboa.

I don’t know why my instincts have been guiding me towards this place, but I know that I have found my favorite place in the world. Many travelers like myself will tell you that there are places that you feel instantly connected to and other places that feel foreign, no Matter how long you spend time there. Lagos was foreign, but here in Lisboa, the warmth of its people and it’s inviting colors have wrapped their arms around me and welcomed me home.

I’m inspired. I’m taking more photos than I have in the last two weeks. My first night here, I wandered around Bairro Alto and made friends with a group of French men celebrating a bachelor’s last weekend of being single. The electricity of the nightlife, the fashion, the music, the company of merry men that I found myself a part of; all of these things contributed to the joy that was finding its way back into my weary travelers soul.

It is impossible to feel alone in Lisboa. There is so much life to feel a part of that you can’t get the feeling of “apart from” that I suffered with for the last week of my trip. All the doubt of my happiness and confidence rolled away as I entered the electric Bairro. After sharing a meal with my French friends, I found my way back to my hostel and got some sleep.

I’ve been suffering from a pretty nasty cold for the last five days. Also, my feet are all cut up from surfing. These two things are making this trip kind of frustrating. So much of me wants to climb into my hostel bed and sleep, but I can’t get enough of this wonderful place.

Yesterday I was determined to get to a meeting, so I boarded the train and headed to the seaside town of Estoril, which is 30 min away by train from the city. I am not positive but I think that the round trip cost was less than 4 euro. So cheap! I arrived in Estoril with plenty of time to sit by the sea and watch people strolling by and kids playing by the beach. It ended up being a beautiful day. For the first time in over a week, I was feeling grateful for where I was. I don’t want to talk badly about the camp that I was at because I feel like all of the negatives that I experienced there were because of what I was experiencing inside of myself, but I’ve never been happier to leave a place in my life. Being seaside by myself in Estoril, was a reminder that I am very capable of being happy alone and finding that happiness again is something that I desperately needed.

At the meeting, I met an awesome couple from California, who are traveling around the world. We had dinner after the meeting and shared stories about our travels, our lives. After dinner, we rode the train back to the city and we parted ways there. It was so nice to be in the company of people like me that I felt no need to go out and chase the dream last night.

Today I’m feeling the most physically ill that I’ve felt yet. I’ve still managed to find a way to accomplish a lot. At least I think it’s a lot. I’ve ridden tram 28 through the winding streets of Lisboa and found the most wonderful little riverside place that has turned out to be a good place to get some writing done. Despite a cough of death and my badly beaten up feet, my heart is soaring with delight as I wander around this lovely city. This is why people travel alone, and this feeling of contentedness is what I’ve been searching for in my last two weeks of travel. I’m thankful for so much today. Warm sun on my face as I kick back in a bean bag on cais do sodre, cappuccino, and the friends I’ve made in the last two+ weeks. More than anything, I’m grateful for the home I’m headed towards in 48 hours and the people that I’m going to love the hell out of when I get there. Until then, I’ll be loving this city with hopes of sharing it with one of you (or all of you) someday. <;3 Besos.


One thought on “Leaving Lagos, Loving Lisbon

  1. OMG I love you so much. I loved Lisboa too even though it was l967 when I was there. I’m glad I was there so long ago before international corporations spewed their way threw Old Europe and cluttered the natural beauty of the cities. I have so much to share with you about your Lagos experience–it will make you feel so much better. I love you, Lori–you’re a treasure to have as a friend. Thanks. xoxoxoxo

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