Cambodia part one

My alarm went off this morning at 4:45. It felt like I had just fallen asleep. Which might just be the truth. The last time I looked at the clock was 1am. I have not been sleeping well on this journey of ours. I slept well on the island, which I’m grateful for. I’m afraid that if I had not done that, I would be a big grump at this point. Although I was more than sleep deprived this morning, I did not hesitate to get the ball rolling this morning; I was too excited. Today is the part of this trip that I have most been looking forward to. Our 12 hour bus ride to Cambodia.

I’m actually writing this as I sit on the bus. We crossed the border from
Vietnam into Cambodia a couple of hours ago. I’m too inspired now to sit still. I feel like an overly excited child or dog staring out of the window. It’s obvious that I’m in a third world country when we stop in various places to use the facilities. Women with babies beg for dollars, children knock on the window of our bus begging for money and attention, and there are people missing limbs everywhere.

I’ve seen more bikes in the two hours we’ve been in Cambodia than I’ve seen in my entire life. They all look just like the bike I have at home, which gives me an odd sense of comfort. I was really happy that these people, who obviously have very little, have the same thing that brings me so much joy. Then I realized that what is for me a source of entertainment, relaxation, and joy, is for them a necessity; a requirement for survival in this country. I know this is the case, but i still cant help wondering if these people get the same feeling I do when I ride my bike. I hope they do. I also hope seeing all of this makes me appreciate mine more when I get home.

We are currently driving into the capitol of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. We are passing by the Ministry of Land Management and out of the ten cars parked in front, seven of them are Lexus. Wow.






Just realized that when my wordpress app crashed earlier it lost some of my entry. Super sadface. Stay tuned for more.


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