Con Son, Vietnam

Today we hopped on propellor plane and flew to the main island of the Con Dao Islands called Con Son. This is the most remote place I’ve ever been to. We’ve been on the island for several hours and I doubt we’ve seen even 100 people. We are staying at the Con Dao Sea Travel resort. We have a bungalow on the beach for about $60 a night. It’s winter here, just like it is in the states; but the temperature is a very lovely 75 degrees and there is a good amount of cloud cover with moments of sunlight here and there.

I’m loving the colors here. So many rich shades of blues and greens. I’m a little sad that there isn’t much sun. I was really looking forward to getting my tan on while we are here, but I’m happy for quiet and relaxation too. Today we wandered down the beach in front of our hotel and took photos of the fishing boats, which are a nice compliment to the colors of the sea and the outlying islands. There are buckets on the beach, that are bright turquoise, which the fisherman use to reach the boats. There are shells and pieces of coral up and down the stretch of the beach. The islands are home to a large coral reef and very few people. We walked through the town, which appears to be deep in preparation stages for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Other than that, there are scattered motorbikes and a few cafes, where they have the most delicious concoction of coffee and condensed milk. By the time we leave Vietnam, I’ll probably have gained 10 lbs from consuming so many of them. They are so yummy! The children that live on the island are super friendly and playful and stopped to say hello from their bicycles while we sat and enjoyed our coffee drinks.

Con Son island is spooky. It makes sense that it would be, given that this is considered the Alcatraz of Asia. It was used as a prison for POW’s in two different wars. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, so we can get out and explore some more, but this time on motorbike.

I’m so loving being here. It’s been so relaxing to sit on our patio and listen to the waves while I read. Lucas and I are kind of hoping for a thunderstorm, because we think it’d be awesome to watch the lightening from our little abode.

Facebook is banned in Vietnam, which is annoying, but also a blessing. I wanted to regulate how much time I spent on the internet throughout the rest of my vacation, so now I am able to. There is WiFi at our hotel, so I’m able to upload photos to Instagram, check my email, and update my blog, but my connection to the outside world is limited to just these things. I’m enjoying it. I can’t remember the last time I was able to be this relaxed! It’s so nice.




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