Looking back on 2011. Survey style!

For the last six years, I’ve done a year end survey on my Live Journal that I’ve always enjoyed looking back on. When I went to go do that survey this year, I realized that there was a lot of negativity to that survey. I found it to be a little bit judgmental, of myself and others. Judgement is something I keep a conscious effort of staying away from. Of course it comes to me every now and then, but for the most part, I steer clear. Anyway, browsing the internet today, I came upon this and I liked it very much.

I think it’s a good idea to reflect on a year and see what kind of accomplishments one has made. So I’m gonna try this little survey out instead…

  • What energized me most in 2011?  friends, seeing how working the 12 steps was changing me, work, making money, concerts, riding my bicycle.
  • What relationships brought me the most joy? Why? Having an open, honest relationship with both of the sponsors I had this year was really amazing for me. Watching some of my friends grow was really special as well. I got to see a little bit of my nephew in his first year and that brought me a lot of joy, but I know it will get even more joyful in the upcoming year. My brigayde. Also, I had an army of women on my side in 2011 and I wouldn’t trade the trust I found in that army for anything.
  • Which relationships put me under the most pressure? Why? I put myself under a lot of pressure in situationships I wasn’t ready for. SUPER FUN. Oh well, everything is a lesson.
  • What were the “defining moments” of 2011? WICYPAA was probably the biggest defining moment of the year. That’s when my life in AA became real, and when I say real, I mean FUN. From that magical weekend, I solidified friendships with people that I love. I made a real, honest attempt at trying to be myself around people and not hind behind the mask of alcohol. FUN, FUN…so much fun.  Being on stage with Beirut at Lollapalooza was pretty magical as well. Other defining moments…seeing LCD soundsystem play their last show at MSG, my austin trip with Grace, Nora, and Lauren. My birthday in December. Best birthday ever. Visiting my sister and her family at their house in the same state as mine!!!!!
  • What strengths did I see in myself during 2011? I did not have a single drink in 2011. I tried really, really, really hard not to gossip and did a pretty good job at it. I stopped letting negative people get the best of my positivity. I planted and maintained a garden (with the help of my friends Darren and Lucas) in a city apartment. All summer long, I ate fresh vegetables from my own garden. I started believing in myself.
  • Under which conditions did I see myself thrive? In the company of women who are actively working a program. At work; doing what I do best. Also, in the sunshine on my bicycle.
  • What did I avoid doing that I know I most needed to do? Taking an honest look at my finances and seeing where all my money goes. I thought sobriety would make me rich..turns out, I’m just as bad sober as I was when I was drinking. This is not something to ignore much longer. 2012 = fiscal responsibility….after my vacation of course. Haha.
  • What books and mentors had the greatest impact on me? Why? Ruiz’s “The Mastery of Love” hit me pretty hard. Other than that, 2011 was kind of a stale year for me when it comes to magical reads.
  • Am I closer to my friends and family from my activities last year? I’m closer to my sister than I used to be, I think. I also think more people know “the real me” now than ever before, so I’m gonna go with yes. I have a few relationships in particular that need some work, but I think I did a pretty good job in 2011 at being a better friend and family member.

Here are some of my favorite photos from 2011….Enjoy!

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